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I have been working really hard recently but now I need some time off. Most of the girls here at West Midland escorts of http://www.westmidlandescorts.com/ work really hard, and it is tough to get time off. The London escort service is in high demand, and unless you are at work, you don’t earn. Sometimes it does annoy me a little bit that we work such long hours as I am sure that we are not always at our best. There are occasions when I can feel myself getting too tired and that is never nice when it comes to work.

We do try to help each other out, and when a girl at West Midland escorts needs a few days off, we try to cover for her. The only problem is that some gents only want to be meet with certain girls, and they don’t want to date the other ladies at the agency. I know that the girls on the switchboard do a really good job of trying to talk gents into meeting other girls, but it is not as easy as all of that. I have to admit that some of my gents may not want to date other ladies.

But then again, burning out is no good at all. We have had several girls here at West Midland escorts who have just burned out and ended up leaving. I know that you can earn really good money escorting, and that it is easy to become greedy. But it does not do you any good, you really need to have time off and it is the only way that you can really refresh yourself. I try to take at least two days off every week, and have some time to myself. It does me a lot of good and is the only way I can avoid burn out.

Before I worked for West Midland escorts I used to be a private dancer in a club. That is also hard work, and you work a lot of nights. Mind you, it is a good training ground as you learn how to cope with late nights. On top of that I learned how to look after myself and I think that helped a lot. It is just important to be able to recognize your personal boundaries and make sure that you are not overdoing it. After all, life is about more than escorting.

I like all of my friends at West Midland escorts but sometimes the new girls annoy me. They just go way over the top, and try to sneak dates from the experienced girls. I know that they are anxious to get on the ladder of success but that is not the right way to go about. When I first started, I just went on being the best that I could be and that has worked out for me. The gents that I date are really nice, and many of them have been regulars since i first joined. It is mainly the new girls that burn out, and it is because they just work too hard.…

I am sure you have heard of the concept of breakfast at Tiffany’s. Good, I am glad that you have. It is supposed to be the ultimate treat and experience. Okay, it probably it is for some, but not for me. Although I have had breakfast in some of the best hotels around the world, I can’t match any breakfasts which I have enjoyed with the breakfast which I enjoyed with two young ladies from Isle of Dogs escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/isle-dogs-escorts.  I should really say breakfasts. Since my first breakfast with Isle of Dogs escorts, I have enjoyed many breakfasts.


What was my first breakfast with Isle of Dogs escorts like? Well, I was feeling a little bit weak after a long night with two of the young ladies. It was actually hard for me to get out of bed, and I was not even sure that I wanted to like I said to the girls. However, I knew that I had a business meeting coming up, so I asked the girls if they could rustle me up some breakfast. Both of them are pretty good at cooking, but it was the hot Scandi blonde who suggested that we go for a dish of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. That certainly gave me my energy back


The following week saw me back in London, and I felt a certain craving to enjoy another breakfast with the hot girls at Isle of Dogs escorts. This time I was enjoying the company of a hot South American talent from the escort agency in the Isle of Dogs, She said that she also liked to go to work on an egg, but her idea was rather different. Instead of adding smoked salmon to the eggs, she added some delicious cherry tomatoes and sprinkled some Tabasco sauce on top. That certainly made me hot under the color. Nothing like some Tabasco sauce to get you going you going.


A couple of weeks late, I returned to London on my own initiative. I was missing breakfast and I wanted to enjoy breakfast in the company of Isle of Dogs escorts. There is something special about that, and I love it. This time, I enjoyed the company of a hot blond sex kitten who told me that she loved cream cheese. Well, I have never tried cream cheese and scrambled eggs, but let me tell you it was delicious. On top of that, she served it up with a glass of champagne. I felt like a really spoiled boy, and when she offered my some pie to finish it all of with, I knew that I had found my dream girl.


If you would like to breakfast your way around the world. I suggest that you contact Isle of Dogs escorts. The girls at this top London escort service know all that there is to know about breakfast and I simply love it. I am more than happy to recommend the breakfast service from this top escort agency in London. Don’t forget you may just want to bring a bottle of champagne. I have discovered that scramble eggs and champagne go hand in hand.…

Lily’S Adventure

Lily knew that she had found the love of her life in her partner Mark. Mark and Lily’s courtship was one to admire and everybody thought they would last forever. However, tables turned when the couple got married. Things were no longer rosy as they once were so they divorced. For over 5 years, Lily remained single because she loved Mark and could not move on or so she thought. During this time, she did not get intimate with anybody. She went a very long time without having sex until it felt like she had gone back to being a virgin once again.

Lily decided enough was enough and she was going to do something about her situation. At first, she was shy. However, the urge to have passionate sex again took over her and she decided to go all in. She logged into her computer and looked at random dating sites but none seemed to catch her eye. However, as she was about to close out her internet browser in disappointment she stumbled upon a link directing her to a website offering escort services. She had no problem navigating through the site with the hopes of stumbling over a hot guy that would take care of her sexual needs.

Within a very short time, Lily was looking at images of men with well-toned bodies and muscles. This was her dream and she could reach it just by clicking the right buttons. She ”picked a handsome male escort and hired him to come have sex with her. She could not wait to have some steaming sex at last!

Since Mark was a tale of the past, Lily had no problems inviting Mike the escort to her house. She was in the kitchen preparing food when she heard a knock on the door. She wore a sheer skimpy dress that did not seem to cover any of her parts. It did not take much strain to notice her big round boobs and juicy peachy shaped ass.

Mike came in and Lily was in a completely new world, a world that she did not remember Mark taking her at any one time. As they kissed and breathed heavily, she forgot about the cooking and decided to handle what was in her hands first. The escort was a professional gauging from how he handled her. After a series of kissing, Mike lifted Lily and threw her on the chair. Before she knew it, Mike’s penis was thrusting into her back and forth. Mike came, she felt his flesh, and she moaned in pleasure. After about an hour or so of scintillating sex, they lay in the chair holding each other as if they had known each other forever. Lily knew that she would definitely be hiring Mike again in the near future.

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