Lifestyle changes

Has the coronavirus crisis broken the back of the UK’s addiction to shopping? We are still very busy working at our charlotte London escorts agency despite the coronavirus crisis, but when I am not at London escorts, social isolation has forced me to change my lifestyle. Before the virus, I used to spend a lot of time going shopping for clothes and other things I did not really need. All of that has changed now, and I have found myself shopping for what I need. As a matter of fact, I think that some of the pleasure has gone out of shopping for me.

Shopping is certainly one of the things that is going to change. I am sure that many people, even us girls at London escorts, have discovered that there are better things you can do with your time. Instead of going shopping, many of us have been going out to exercise and enjoy the parks. I know of many charlotte London escorts who have taken up new sports during the coronavirus crisis. After all, all of the gyms are closed.

What about the London coffee culture? This is another thing that I think is going to change. I used to love going out with my charlotte London escorts friends to enjoy coffee. But since the crisis started, I have discovered how much money I have saved by not popping out with my London escorts friends for coffee. As we all know, even a cup of coffee in London can set you back a small fortune. I think that many Londoners have learned to live without their coffee fixes and will continue to do so. It may even help us all to lose some weight.

Going out drinking, or going to the pub, used to be a major part of the London cultural scene. When I finished my charlotte London escorts shift on a Friday night, I always used to go out drinking with my friends. It sort of marked the start of the weekend for me. The thing is that I am not sure that I am going to go back to going with my friends. Not only has it saved me money, but it has made me a lot fitter as well. It is amazing how alcohol can affect your life.

Yes, thanks to the coronavirus crisis I am a lot healthier and a little bit richer. I have cut down on calories and saved money at the same time. More and more Londoners are beginning to talk about this online. It really does make you wonder what is going to happen once the crisis is over. I have this funny feeling that London is going to be very different. Maybe we will even see some of the coffee shops and pubs shut down. We have learned to live in a different way and that may be good for all of us. I just hope men are not going to stop booking London escorts for companionship as im sure we will be missed.

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